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葡萄品種 Grape:
Shiraz Verdellho

產區 Region:
Langhorne Creek

說明 Description:
甜蜜、堅果味、馬德拉風格、如威士忌般複雜口感、餘韻悠長的波特酒, 澳洲茶色波特酒. 茶色波特 (tawny port )屬於在木桶中氧化陳釀的波特酒, 開瓶後仍可於室溫中保存數個月
sweet, nutty, madeira style, whiskey like complexity, lomg finish, Australian tawny port, tawny is an oxidized port style and can be drunk over several months after opening

風味&香氣 Flavor & Aroma:
葡萄乾、蜜棗乾、 杏仁、巧克力
raisins, prune. almonds, chocolate

年份 Vintage: NV

評分 Ratings:
James Halliday 90


Bleasdale Tawny Port NV

White or Red: Red
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