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VIGNA Snack Box

Another boring weekend at home? We got something to spice up your weekend!

Introducing the VIGNA snack box, a selection of tasty, hand made snacks.

Exhilarating new flavors and comforting familiar ones.

Reward yourself for a long week and bring some fun in your life (and mouth).


This week's (8/6, 8/7) snack box includes:

  • VIGNA's very famous Spanish meatballs

  • Szechuan pepper infused shrimps with poached egg yolk

  • Grilled Iberico pork (secreto cut) and pork tenderloin - thinly sliced and tossed in a vinaigrette with pickled red onion

  • Pancetta wrapped prunes - a sweet and savory delight, prunes baked with Italian bacon

  • VIGNA pickles

  • Dauphinoise potato gratin - sliced potatoes baked in a cream and cheese sauce

$780 / snack box for 2ppl


Charcuterie and cheese combo +$200

Garlic bread $100

Fricassee - French chicken stew in a creamy sauce with noodles (frozen meal pack or heated) $350

Goulash - Hungarian pork stew with noodles (frozen meal pack or heated) $350

>$1000 Free Delivery <$1'000 $100 Zhubei / $200 Hsinchu

Add any wine and get free delivery!


Phone: 0984 366 637


> Free Delivery With Any Wine Order

> 加購葡萄酒則享有運送服務!

> 10% off 2+ bottles

> 兩瓶或以上即享有九折及更高折扣

Thanks for submitting!

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